Putin called Primakov, an outstanding statesman

Путин назвал Примакова выдающимся государственным деятелем

The legacy of former Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov remained in a variety of areas: state building, science and foreign policy, and his work in high positions have allowed Russia to build a socially oriented economy, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Work for the good of the Motherland for him was quite a natural, organic,” — said Putin at a forum “Primakov’s reading.”

Putin called Primakov, an outstanding statesman, diplomat, scientist.

As he said, the work of Primakov in high government positions has allowed Russia to provide high rates of economic growth, get rid of the debt burden, accumulated significant reserves, confident to build a modern socio-economies.

“He was ambitious, multifaceted personality, open, friendly man, honest in relations with people”, — Putin said.