Putin said about the necessity of creating a broad front against terrorism

Путин заявил о необходимости создания широкого фронта борьбы с терроризмом

Broad front to combat terrorism in the world has not yet been established, but no alternative to it, said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the international forum “Primakov reading” on Wednesday.

“Unfortunately, the middle East was plunged into a series of bloody conflicts, has become a hotbed of terrorism and religious extremism. Today it is clear that a necessary condition for the normalization of the situation in the middle East is the effective interaction of all stakeholders and having an impact international players. In this logic, we put forward the initiative of forming a broad front against terrorism should be implemented. Unfortunately, while this front is not created, but no alternative to it”, — Putin said.

“Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in the Russian Federation) is today one of the main threats to global security. In three years, the terrorists managed to capture large areas of Iraq and Syria, some of which managed to repulse in recent months. Unified front against IG no: group fighting government forces of Syria, supported by the Russian aerospace defence forces, the Iraqi army, the international coalition led by the USA, as well as the Kurds, the Lebanese and Iraqi Shiite militias.