Raul Castro said that the Cuban people will continue fighting

Рауль Кастро заявил, что кубинский народ будет продолжать борьбу

Cuban leader Raul Castro in his speech, the final ceremony of farewell to Fidel Castro in Havana, promised that the Cuban people will continue their fight.

Fidel Castro died at the age of 90 years on November 25. Cuba declared a national mourning lowered national flags, canceled entertainment. On Wednesday, the urn with the ashes of Castro will travel to the East of the island in Santiago de Cuba, where on 4 December will be held the funeral ceremony. The urn will follow the reverse route of the “Caravan of freedom” — the winning ways of the team of Cuban revolutionaries, who in January 1959 sailed from Santiago de Cuba to Havana.

“Dear Fidel, near the monument to josé martí, our national hero and the author-mastermind of the assault on the Moncada barracks, the place where we more than 50 years, going in moments of overwhelming grief, to honor the memory of our martyrs, where we declared our ideals and symbols, consulting with people on major decisions, where we reminisced about our victories, — here we are together with our dedicated and battle people tell you, “always to victory” — emotionally said the Cuban leader.

Raul Castro also noted that the Cuban people these days “excitedly did the honours” Fidel “had sworn to his ideas.” He remembered some of the key events of the history of the Cuban revolution during which Fidel spoke on this area. “His words still echo here,” he said.

So, the Cuban leader recalled the mass protests of peasants in support of agrarian reform of 1959, which, according to him, has become a kind of Rubicon for the revolutionaries. He also remembered the Havana Declaration of 1960 and 1962, in which it condemns the US interference in the Affairs of Latin American countries, and the explosion of the ship “La IWRM” ammunition in 1960 during unloading in the port of Havana (the main version of the explosion, according to Cuban authorities, was a terrorist attack, developed by the CIA).

Castro also recalled the campaign against illiteracy in 1961, events in memory of Che Guevara in 1967, ceremonies in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack against a Cuban plane in 1976, as well as numerous demonstrations against the blockade imposed by the United States.

Castro also noted that the final speech at the ceremonies will pronounce on December 3 during the mass events on the square Antonio Maceo in Santiago de Cuba.

Рауль Кастро заявил, что кубинский народ будет продолжать борьбу
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