Rival Karjakin, Magnus Carlsen won the tournament in the Crimea eight years ago

Соперник Карякина Магнус Карлсен выиграл турнир в Крыму восемь лет назад

Norwegian chess player Magnus Carlsen fighting for the world chess crown with Russian Sergey Karjakin in 2008 won the international chess tournament foros in Yalta.

According to information from open sources, in the tournament, “foros-2008” was attended by 12 players, including the current opponent Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin, Ukrainian grandmaster Vasily Ivanchuk.

Carlsen, who at the time was 17, took first place with 8 points from possible 11. The Norwegian bypassed one point tournament winner “foros-2007” Vasily Ivanchuk and for winning the tournament received 25 thousand dollars in prize money.

On November 28, the Russian Sergey Karjakin and the Norwegian Magnus Carlsen played a draw in the 12th game of the match for the world chess crown. Thus, the fate of the world title will be decided on a tie-break. Carlsen and Karjakin have four parties in fast chess, and if the score remain equal, it will be assigned bizmatch of the two parties. In case of a draw game is still to four of these Bliznatci. If they do not identify a winner, you will be assigned to the deciding party, the so-called “Armageddon”, in which white has five minutes and black four. Chess player, playing white must win — in the event of a tie the champion will be playing black.