Road service of the Kaliningrad region has passed for round the clock operation

Дорожные службы Калининградской области перешли на круглосуточную работу

Of the company responsible for the maintenance of roads in the Kaliningrad region, switched to clock mode, regional roads were preliminary preparations for adverse weather conditions, reported the press service of the regional government with reference to Director of Department of road economy Gennady Leibovich.

“Since the beginning of November all the companies responsible for the maintenance of roads, working around the clock, constantly monitor changes in weather conditions. High humidity, sudden change in temperature require rapid response. Road workers carry out a preliminary preparation of the regional road salt solutions. With special attention to the routes of school and Shuttle buses,” said Leibowitz.

One day on the slopes, the region employs more than 120 combined road machines and tractors. On the road was out of 1.9 tons peschano-salt mix and 600 tons of salt. The entire network of regional roads with a length of more than four thousand kilometers is treated with deicing agents.

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For a more effective control system is used for satellite monitoring. Modern technologies allow not only to track where the harvest technics, but also what type of work it performs in a certain moment of time. In the Kaliningrad region have also started to work three metalocomplex. With the help of sensors mounted in the road surface, measures the temperature, the thickness of the layer of water or snow, as well as the degree of ice coverage.

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