Russia has asked for assistance in “doping case” the United States, Canada and Switzerland

Россия попросила помощи по "допинговому делу" у США, Канады и Швейцарии

Russia sent international requests for legal assistance in “doping case”, said Deputy Chairman of the Investigative Committee Ilya Lazuta on the public meeting of the Independent anti-doping Commission in MIA “Russia today”.

Russian investigators have asked the U.S. testimony about Grigory Rodchenkov, former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Canada — copies of WADA, which became the basis of the report of McLaren, Switzerland — information storage and opening of the container for the doping tests of the Corporation “Berlinger”.

Another request the UK has sent in court of arbitration for Sport, he applies to decisions on claims Russian athletes, and the Olympic and para-Olympic committees of Russia.

SK in July filed against fled to the United States Rodchenkova a criminal case. Investigators suspect that he deliberately destroyed the doping control Russian athletes, and also illegally sold illegal drugs.

Rodchenkova statement on alleged large-scale system of concealment of positive doping tests have become a significant part of the report of the Commission headed by Richard McLaren. As a result, Russian athletes and weightlifters are not admitted to the 2016 Olympics, and the Paralympic national team is completely removed from the Games in Rio de Janeiro.

In Russia established an Independent public anti-doping Commission, which is developing a national plan for the fight against doping.

Россия попросила помощи по "допинговому делу" у США, Канады и Швейцарии