Russia is ready for serious dialogue in the OSCE PA, said Tolstoy

Россия настроена на серьезный диалог в ассамблее ОБСЕ, заявил Толстой

Russia is ready for serious dialogue in the OSCE parliamentary Assembly in search of ways out of the current crisis of security in Europe and hopes for concrete results, said the Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy at a meeting with OSCE PA President Christine Muttonen.

“We hope that our cooperation with the Assembly under your leadership will be respectful and we will be able to establish a constructive dialogue in the course of our work, and this dialogue will contribute to further development of cooperation in all three dimensions of the OSCE,” — said Tolstoy.

He informed that on Tuesday the state Duma approved the Russian delegation to the OSCE PA. The Vice-speaker stressed that all the members of the delegation “are committed to constructive, meaningful work, on a serious conversation with the colleagues in the Assembly in search of ways out of a crisis of European security”. Among them faced challenges he called the problems of terrorism and migration. “We hope for concrete results,” — said Tolstoy.

He also suggested Muttonen to consider the possibility of holding an event of Assembly in Russia.

The OSCE PA President, in turn, noted the importance of Russia’s participation in the work of the Assembly. She also mentioned work in the field of counter-terrorism. “There is still a lot of work, but has already done a lot. We are very grateful and hope to continue in the same spirit,” said Mottonen. She expressed hope that the dialogue between the PA OSCE and Russia will remain open. —0-