Semin will remain the head coach of FC “Lokomotiv” from Moscow

Семин останется главным тренером ФК "Локомотив" из Москвы

The change of the coaching staff of the Moscow football club “Lokomotiv” not planned, head coach Yuri Semin remains at his post, said the adviser of the President of Russian Railways and a member of the Board of Directors of “Locomotive” Vadim Morozov.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that Semin may resign as head coach of the team, if the “red-green” will not beat “Tom” in 16-m round of the championship of Russia.

“Not yet. Remains”, — told reporters Morozov on the question of the possible departure of Semin.

After 15 rounds “the locomotive” takes the 11th place in the championship of Russia, having assets of 17 points. Match “Tom” — “the locomotive” will take place on Wednesday, November 30, in Moscow, beginning at 19:30 GMT.

Semin officially headed “red-green” on August 26. Specialist previously coached Lokomotiv from 1992 to 2005, and in 2009 — 2010. He twice led the railroad to the title of Champions of Russia.