Smoking increases eight times the risk of dying from a heart attack

Курение в восемь раз повышает риск смерти от сердечного приступа

. Smoking at a young age increases the risk of heart attack or other serious problems with health of the heart and blood vessels eight times for people aged 50 years and under, making them the most vulnerable group of tobacco lovers, say scientists in an article published in the journal Heart.

“It should encourage all smokers to give up tobacco in order to reduce the risk of acquisition of acute heart problems. This is especially true of young people who turned out to be particularly vulnerable and whose health doctors usually do not follow” — say Amelia Lloyd (Amelia Lloyd) at the University of Sheffield (UK) and her colleagues.

Lloyd and her colleagues came to this conclusion watching the health of and subsequent fate of nearly two thousand patients of a hospital in Sheffield, which was in intensive care as a result of development they have a common form of myocardial infarction, in which there is blockage of the coronary artery.

Among them were the elderly, young people that led scientists to analyze the causes that led to the development of the disease they have. For this, doctors turned for help to the statistical services of the United Kingdom, which helped them to know what to eat these people, and what bad habits they had.

Fairly quickly, scientists have found a major risk factor leading to development of a heart attack at an early age – he was Smoking, increases the chances of death or serious health problems of the heart or blood vessels approximately three times for all patients, and 8 times for youth and adults under the age of 50 years.

This was manifested, in particular, approximately 75% of patients in the cardiology Department at the clinic of Sheffield were current or former smokers and that they were on average 10-11 years younger than non-smokers, who are in the intensive care unit with a heart attack or preinfarction condition.

For comparison, only 22% of the inhabitants of Sheffield and its environs are smokers, which indicates a clear and very strong link between Smoking and problems with the cardiovascular system.

Why this is so, scientists can not yet explain, however, they believe that the predisposition of smokers, especially young people, to heart attacks is associated with changes in the structure and composition of cholesterol deposits in their arteries, associated with Smoking.

“When we understand that Smoking is dangerous to health? Despite all the progress in medicine, the life expectancy of smokers has not grown in recent years. We need to create methods that would help smokers to quit tobacco, or at least smoke less. Then, their heart problem will disappear or drastically reduced,” adds Yaron Arbel (Arbel Yaron) from the Medical center tel Aviv (Israel), one of the reviewers of the work.