The Committee of the state Duma have approved in the second reading blocking sites with information about the spice

Комитет ГД поддержал во II чтении блокировку сайтов с информацией о спайсах

The state Duma Committee on information policy supported the adoption of the second reading of a government bill restricting access to Internet resources containing information about new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances.

The second reading has been one of technical legal amendment.

The document notes that a growing threat to acquire a new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances. These include, in particular, are synthetic cannabinoid (“spice”), stimulants (“salt”), hallucinogens.

The bill proposes to extend the validity of the extrajudicial procedure for the restriction of access on the territory of Russia on the Internet resources to post information about ways, methods of development, production and use of new potentially dangerous psychoactive substances (“spice”, “salt”, hallucinogens), and their precursors, places of acquisition of such substances.

The bill will prevent the wide dissemination of information and new types of psychoactive substances, sure in the Cabinet.

The current version of act No. 149 to include domain names and (or) indexes of pages of Internet sites and network addresses that identify sites that contain prohibited information in the Unified register provided on the Internet resources with information about ways, methods of development, manufacture and use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors, field acquisition tools such substances and their precursors, methods and places of cultivation of narcotic plants.