The Deputy head of the Kopeysk due to damage in 6.5 million rubles brought the case

На замглавы Копейска из-за ущерба в 6,5 млн рублей завели дело

Investigative organs according to the materials of the Prosecutor’s check criminal case concerning the Deputy head of administration of a city of Kopeisk, Chelyabinsk region, a suspect in the obstruction of legitimate business, said the Prosecutor’s office of the region.

According to the Prosecutor’s office of area, in January 2016 between OOO “Warmth and Service” and the office for property and land relations of the administration of the Kopeysk urban district had entered into a lease of municipal property (boilers and heating systems in the village of Oktyabrsky). In June 2016 the city administration illegally transferred these objects to another legal entity in connection with this “Warmth and Service” was forced to stop the operation of rented boilers, said the Prosecutor’s office.

As a result of actions of officials of administration “Warmth and Service” caused material damage, valued in excess of 6.5 million rubles, adds the Prosecutor.

“Materials of public Prosecutor’s check was sent to the investigating authorities, where the results of their consideration in respect of Deputy head of administration of Kopeisk city district opened a criminal case for “obstruction of legitimate business activity”, — stated in the message.

The investigation of the criminal case is on control of Prosecutor’s office.

As reported by the investigation Department of the TFR in the region, July 25, was detained the head of the Kopeysk Vyacheslav Istomin. The suspect, being the head of the Kopeysk urban district, received bribes in large and especially large sizes for total amount of not less than 2 million rubles for actions within the scope of his official powers. Against Istomin prosecuted for “taking bribes in large and especially large sizes”.