The ISS broke the tool for the study of ocean winds

На МКС сломался инструмент по изучению океанических ветров

NASA announced that the ISS broke down an American tool to study ocean winds, RapidScat (Rapid Scatterometer).

“RapidScat was successfully completed which lasted two years, the mission worked longer than originally estimated, but in mid-August lost electricity,” — said the Agency.

Tool, operating on the principle of radar, was installed on the ISS in October 2014 and collected information about speed and direction of wind over the surface of the oceans. The power cut happened due to the failure of the system power supply module Columbus on August 19.

As noted by the specialized portal Spacenews, the specialists tried to restore the instrument until mid-October, but did not succeed.

Spacenews writes that RapidScat is NASA experiment to use the ISS as a scientific platform for Earth observations. Despite the fact that the orbit of the space station, not ideal for tracking objects on the Ground, the ISS infrastructure can significantly reduce the cost of research projects in space.

“Being the first of its kind, the RapidScat mission was successful in providing scientists and meteorologists cheap way to monitor remote areas of the earth’s oceans,” — said in connection with the completion of the mission, the representative of NASA Michael Freilich.