The Moscow city court will check the decision on the claim Sechin to “Novaya Gazeta”

Мосгорсуд проверит решение по иску Сечина к "Новой газете"

The Moscow city court on Wednesday will consider the complaint of “Novaya Gazeta” to the court, which ordered to disprove an article about what the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin allegedly owns the yacht “Holy Princess Olga”, told RIA Novosti press-service of the court.

Previously Basmanny court of Moscow has obliged “Novaya Gazeta” to publish a refutation of the article on the website and in the printed version.

Lawyers Sechin asked to recognize untrue and discrediting the honor, dignity and good name of the plaintiff the information that he allegedly is associated with one of the most luxurious yachts in the world that allegedly concealing information about overseas property and what his expenses are supposedly higher than the official income of his and his family members.

The representatives of the Newspapers insisted that this publication is a journalistic investigation on a public interest topic, and the position of the plaintiff in society requires him to be more tolerant to criticism in the media. The conclusion that the wife of the plaintiff spends a lot of time on the boat, like a yacht “Holy Princess Olga”, the author did on the photos from social networks, store location and program otlezhasawa routes of yachts. When the wife was allegedly posted photos from the boat into Instagram.

“There is the assertion that the yacht is owned by Sechin. The fact that the yacht was resting spouse of the plaintiff, does not indicate that it is his property. The author of the article expresses doubt that the yacht is the property of the plaintiff,” — said the lawyer of the newspaper Jaroslav Kozheurov.

The representative of Sechin Elena Zabralova said in the article, despite the streamlined language used the method of “hidden statements”. According to her, “the author uses special techniques for presenting information, the word “probably” and “presumably,” but actually it is a form of approval.” Lawyers Sechin also insisted that published in the newspaper “information was received by journalists, bloggers and many townsfolk as statements, not assumptions”. The article, according to the lawyers, cited more than 350 times.

Lawyer Sechin added that immediately after the article “began to appear odious publications in other media and blogs, where information is already being touted as fact.” He stressed that “we want to show how negative the information was perceived and interpreted”.

The article “the New newspaper” also challenged Sechin Olga, but her claim to manufacture not adopted due to the admitted in the preparation of the disadvantages. Later the Moscow city court still obliged to consider the claim.

Earlier Ostankino court of Moscow has satisfied the claim of the head of “Rosneft” to the newspaper “Vedomosti” and ordered to remove from the site the article about his house on the ruble, and also to destroy remaining at the disposal of edition edition. In early August it became known that the head of “Rosneft” has decided to file lawsuit against “Novaya Gazeta”, TV channel “Rain” and other media involved in the dissemination of materials in which, in the opinion of Rosneft, contains inaccurate information. The Corporation stated that “the campaign waged in the media against Rosneft and its leadership, is obviously custom-made character”.