The safety of Jakarta in the course of the protests will provide 22 thousand policemen

Безопасность Джакарты в ходе протестов обеспечат 22 тысячи полицейских

About 22 thousand policemen and military men will provide security in the centre of the Indonesian capital during appointed on 2 December a new protest against the Governor of the Special capital territory of Jakarta Basuki Cahaya Purnama, said the official representative of the national police Fight Rafli Amar.

“We agreed (with the organizer) of the meeting that he would be “superminis”. We just have to ensure that all have fulfilled their promises”, — quotes the police on Wednesday, the newspaper Jakarta Globe.

Held on 4 November to protest against the Governor, who was accused of blasphemous remarks about the Quran, originally passed peacefully, but after dark some of the demonstrators refused to disperse, which led to clashes, which wounded at least 83-x five Indonesian police and military. After the police used tear gas for medical assistance 160 demonstrators. One of the participants of the protest — an elderly man — has died from asthma.

The police expects that the shares on 2 December will take part to 150 thousand people. This time the procession through the streets is not allowed: the police will escort the buses with protesters to the site at the National monument, where for five hours they will be meeting.

Purnama is the first in the history of the Jakarta Governor is a Christian and the first ethnic Chinese in this position. He took this position in 2014, rising a notch from the post of Deputy Governor, after his former boss, Widodo was elected President of Indonesia.

Purnama, has gained popularity among the capital’s residents with the struggle against corruption and bureaucracy, now called the Indonesian media, the most likely winner of the upcoming February election of a new Governor. Moreover, it is regarded as a possible candidate for the post of Vice President in the team Widodo in the next presidential elections in 2019.