The scientists estimated how varied the role of “United Russia” for 15 years

Политологи оценили, как менялась роль "Единой России" на протяжении 15 лет

“United Russia” in the 15 years of its existence, could become a mechanism for the mobilization not only of the electorate, but to the ruling elite; at the same time, respondents RIA Novosti political analysts say that the party lacks autonomy and, as a consequence, the impact on the received power of decision, that is what she should work that will strengthen and party system in General; yet it cannot be considered the ruling party in the full sense of the word.

United Russia itself noted that it was possible to achieve the main goal of a party creation — bringing people with different views, but putting in the forefront the future of the country, its successful development and independence. Also managed to convert her, the main challenge remains the implementation of the election program of the EP.

The history of the party began 15 years ago, when on 1 December 2001, the two which existed since the late 1990s, years of socio-political associations “Unity” and “Fatherland — all Russia” came together at the founding Congress into a political force, called the all-Russian party “Unity and Fatherland — United Russia”. His first win of the young party won two years later in the elections to the state Duma of the IV convocation, receiving 223 of the mandate. Its current name she received 24 December 2003. Then the IV Congress of the party took the decision to support the candidacy of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election, and she became the “United Russia”. Currently, the number of party members already exceeds 2 million 200 thousand people.

Last September, the Duma elections “United Russia” has received 343 out of 450 mandates, securing a constitutional majority in the lower house of Parliament and thereby updating the own record that it earned in the 2007 elections. Then, under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin, it has received 64.3% of the votes and 315 seats in the state Duma of the fifth convocation, becoming the first Russian power, who gained a political weight.

Integrating and mobilizing the strength of the party

Noting the different results of “United Russia”, meanwhile, the experts agree — the most important thing was that in 15 years the party has become not just a significant political, but also a kind of mobilization force.

So, the President of the national strategy Institute Mikhail Remizov said that the party today is a mechanism for the mobilization of electoral support and execution of the decisions accepted by the Supreme power, but the most noticeable achievement in the other. “From what has largely been of the “United Russia” is to take over the function of one of the integration mechanisms of the ruling class,” — says the expert.

The same idea develops and the political scientist, the expert of the Institute of humanitarian and political studies Vladimir Slatinov, according to which, the EP has managed to become in some sense an essential element of the current political structure.

“United Russia” is a mechanism for the mobilization and control of the ruling class, I would say. Being raised in such a structure, a system, that is, the party, they are the core and most influential ruling class, implement it using the feedback function with society. It is realized, of course, as in classical democracy, but this connection is still there,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

The party noted that over the years has achieved the goal set by the President. The Secretary General Council of “United Russia”, the second person in the party Sergei Neverov, in comments to RIA Novosti noted that the President created the party, “which was to unite people with different views, but putting in the forefront the future of the country, its successful development and independence.”

“And it was done. We also have a platform to exchange opinions, to argue and to develop a consolidated position on a particular issue: in 2012, we launched the work of liberal, social and state-Patriotic platforms of the party, now beginning his active business platform”, — said Neverov.

The ruling party or the ruling party?

What the party managed in lesser extent, according to experts, is, in fact, to become the ruling party, the ruling entity in the full sense of the word. The reason lies primarily in the characteristics of a modern political system. While they note the difference between the definitions of “party of power” and “ruling party”.

A task that, according to Neverov, now standing in front of the “United Russia” – is, above all, the implementation of its election program, “and programs with which the candidate from our party Vladimir Putin went on elections”.

Meanwhile, according to political analysts, the mechanism that is the party (peer) Board allows you to prevent many of the crises, solve the problems at the same time rotation and stability.

Slatinov also believes that the increasing role of the EP could lead to some positive correction of the political system itself. “We know that, for example, political regimes with a dominant party — are more sustainable and more viable. And if I think to walk the path of gradual transformation of the EP in the ruling party, it will guarantee greater stability of the current political structures in strategic terms,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Positive changes, mistakes and blunders

As for “work on oneself”, then, the experts evaluated primarily the period after the not very successful for the “United Russia” campaign in 2011. Unsuccessful, according to Remizov, not because of the number of preferential votes, but because of the “powerful negative mobilization against it, which covered how the system part of the opposition and non-system — essential part of society.”

Party, the expert, was able to draw the right conclusions and to fix what caused this negative mobilization — excessive agitation and propaganda. “After 2011, 2012 was the system of agitation and propaganda became more metered, more cautious, came the understanding that when any propaganda machine turns on at full speed, it produces not only the electorate, but antielectron — protests,” — said Remizov.

The party at the same time allocate a number of positive developments which have been achieved. Among them, in particular, pre-voting for the “screening” of the most capable and popular among the population of candidates. Such primary elections were held in may this year for the first time in the entire country.

Политологи оценили, как менялась роль "Единой России" на протяжении 15 лет
Putin said that Russians are a priority in the country’s development

“It is no exaggeration to say that during this time we have come a long way, constantly changing and improving. We came to the preliminary procedure of open voting, to ensure that participation in the leadership of the party accept the secretaries of primary branches (of the sometimes remote settlements), to ensure that the Charter party provides for the mandatory rotation of the governing bodies that the election of secretaries of the regional offices pass on an alternative basis and that election, not the destination”, — said Neverov.

Also, he added, only the “United Russia” clearly stated its position against those of party members, against whom criminal cases: all are equal before law and no party positions and regalia should not affect the progress of the investigation and the court’s decision. “It’s something that is tools for the development of inter-party competition, all of which makes our party is open and allows you to meet the challenges of the time, allows you to get support from our citizens”, — said Neverov.

However, it adds Slatinov, not all methods used sometimes EP, playing into her hands. “The party is actively using for its success a tool such as the reformatting of the rules of the game. She has not yet managed to play in sustainable rules, I would say so, and it develops more dependent on changing conditions,” says the analyst.

Политологи оценили, как менялась роль "Единой России" на протяжении 15 лет
“United Russia” will continue to support people with disabilities

At the same time, he said, United Russia copes with the function of control over the Parliament by the Supreme power, in contrast to the period 1990-ies, when, too, there was the party in power. “Classic example, “Our home — Russia”, but she could not achieve, for example, a majority in Parliament, could not control properly the Parliament”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

In addition, Remizov believes, if earlier, the EP was largely “a hostage to regional elites” who solve their political problems through political capital of the Federal center, then at the end of the campaign, it was concluded, “and partly that the party managed to escape that”. However, he added, is unlikely to do.

What’s missing?

Experts believe that United Russia should try to take on more responsibility and to be independent.

Политологи оценили, как менялась роль "Единой России" на протяжении 15 лет

“In my opinion, what is now needed important need is the development and expansion of democratic centralism in the party. Such elements of democratic centralism within the party, in my opinion, contributed to the development of the party system in General, and a particular party. To its members, the parliamentarians took on more responsibility and had more opportunities to influence decisions,” believes Remizov.

According slatinova, “United Russia” should be trying to acquire for themselves a more Central role, for example in staff appointments. Specifically, in this case, says the analyst, the EP often only prepares the decisions for example, the nomination for Governor. To a large extent it is dependent and from the President, not so much in the sense of subordination, but the need for it support.

“United Russia”, of course, a player in the political field, but we see that without the support of the head of state, and a direct and active role, to put it mildly, falls sharply, and it sags seriously. This suggests that it is fundamentally important to increase its role in the current political system”, — said Slatinov.