The state Duma adopted in the first reading the project of the restoration of the mortgage savings military

ГД приняла в I чтении проект о восстановлении ипотечных накоплений военных

The state Duma on Wednesday at plenary session adopted in first reading a government bill, which extends the rules allowing to recover the mortgage, the accumulation of military personnel, those who retired from service on their own.

The bill provides for the recovery of the cumulative contributions to former participants in the cumulative mortgage system of housing for military personnel, retired for good reasons, when signing their new contracts on passage of military service. The document will also free them from the accrual of interest when refund target housing loan.

This approach will reduce the debt burden on the military and will contribute to the refund of a target housing loan to the budget of those who do not sign new contracts on service, says the Cabinet.