The state Duma approved the project of increasing the state funding of political parties

В ГД одобрили проект об увеличении госфинансирования политических партий

The state Duma Committee on Affairs of public associations and religious organizations have endorsed the adoption of the first reading of the bill to increase the state funding of political parties. In particular, the “value” of votes is scheduled to increase from 110 to 152 rubles.

As reported on Tuesday, Vice-speaker of the Duma Alexander Zhukov, the house will consider amendments to the law “On political parties” on Friday.

The explanatory Memorandum stated that the state funding of parties as a factor in ensuring the stability of the political system of the country, aims to reduce the dependence of parties on private donors to make their funding more transparent and allows for enhanced interaction with voters.

Under current law, state funding of parties that entered the Duma, carried out annually in the amount of 110 rubles multiplied by the number of votes received Federal list of candidates of the party. The bill amount can be increased up to 152 rubles.

Changes are needed primarily to support those parties, representation in the Duma was reduced according to the results of elections of deputies of the VII convocation, marked in materials to the bill. In the feasibility study, the authors indicated that the changes will not require additional expenditures from the Federal budget. The budget allocations necessary for the implementation of the bill will be in 2017 6,952 billion.