The state Duma intends to toughen the punishment for the pursuit of business

Госдума планирует ужесточить наказание за преследование бизнеса

The state Duma intends on Wednesday to take the second, main and third and final readings of the presidential bill that increases the liability of the police for the unjustified prosecution of business.</p>

The amendments proposed to the criminal and Criminal procedural codes of Russia. The project is aimed at strengthening responsibility of officials of law enforcement agencies for actions that resulted in unjustified criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs and the termination of their business activity.

Now article 299 of the Penal code establishes liability for the attraction obviously innocent to criminal responsibility.

“In practice, the common cases when a criminal case is initiated not in relation to a specific entrepreneur, but in fact committing the crime. Such cases are investigated for several months and then stop, which often leads to partial or complete destruction of the business… In this regard, the draft law stipulates to establish a new text of article 299 “attraction obviously innocent to criminal liability” Criminal code of the Russian Federation”, — the materials.

According to part 1 of article 229 of the attraction obviously innocent to criminal responsibility is proposed to establish a maximum penalty of seven years imprisonment. Part 2 provides for increased liability for that act, if it is connected with accusation of committing serious or especially serious crimes, or if it resulted in major damage or other grave consequences. Under part 3 liability of officers of law enforcement agencies will occur in the case of the illegal initiation of criminal proceedings, perfect to deter entrepreneurial activity, or from mercenary or other personal interest, if it caused the termination of business activities or major damage.

According to the bill, the note to this article recognizes the major damage of 1.5 million rubles. The investigation of a crime under article 169 of “obstructing the legitimate business or other activities” of the criminal code, proposed to be transferred to the Investigative Committee, which makes appropriate amendments to the criminal procedure code.