World wildlife Fund started a campaign of environmental education and interpretation “1% of Russians”

Всемирный фонд дикой природы начал кампанию экопросвещения "1% россиян"

The world wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia on the eve of the Year of ecology in Russia started a campaign of environmental education “1% of Russians” to attract citizens to the active assistance of nature, said the head of the Fund Igor Chestin.

“On the eve of the Year of ecology we begin our new initiative, which means that all the proud of mother nature, but only 1% of Russians helping her, involved in its preservation. This must change,” — said Chestin.

As noted in the Fund, the reason for the emergence of the campaign were the figures of several studies. According to the data obtained by “Levada-center” in 2014, the main subject of pride of Russians are natural wealth of the country. Moreover, this category of advances such as “Russian history”, “sports achievements” and “culture”.

According to another study, published by the Fund for support and development of philanthropy “CAF” in October 2016, in terms of the entire population of Russia only 1% of the population contributes to the preservation of these natural resources by making charitable donations. The campaign aims to change this paradoxical situation.

“According to statistics, the majority of Russians associate patriotism with pride the natural wealth of Russia. However, only a small percentage of citizens are aware of their role in solving environmental and ecological problems. Without the support of society initiatives in the efforts of the state and public organizations will not bring the desired result”, — stressed in the WWF.

As the Fund, in other countries citizens are more actively donate to nature. So, in the UK, 22% of the population the financial support of the organization for the protection of animals, and environmental organizations to 5.5%. In the Netherlands, 39% of the population donate to both.

Active participants of the campaign were the Russian star recorded a video message to the nation: the leader of group “Night Snipers” Diana Arbenina calls to help the Arctic, TV presenter and journalist Vladimir Pozner – snow leopard, a rock musician, the leader of the group “Mumiy Troll” Ilya Lagutenko – the Amur tiger, the group Uma2rmaН bison, the singer Maksim – Kamchatka, the artist Nikas Safronov – forests.