Accused in the murder of his wife and son inhabitant kovrova arrest extended

Обвиняемому в убийстве жены и сына жителю Коврова продлили арест

The court extended to 5 March 2017 the detention of a resident of the city of Carpets Vladimir region, accused of killing his wife, son, and cat reported on Thursday, RIA Novosti the official representative of the Kovrov city court of Ekaterina Smirnova.

On the morning of 6 September in the city of Kovrov was stabbed to death in his apartment 54-year-old woman and her 14-year-old son. On suspicion in murder have detained 52-the summer head of the family, who himself called the police. In relation to men is a consequence opened a criminal case under article “murder of two persons”, the next day the suspect was remanded in custody until 5 November. Then the court extended the measure of restraint until 5 December.

“It was extending up to 5 March 2017,” — said the Agency interlocutor, noting that, most likely, the case will be considered in the Vladimir regional court.

As reported RIA Novosti, the official representative of investigatory management SK the Russian Federation across Vladimir region Irina Minina, the accused was conducted outpatient forensic psychiatric examination, however, the local experts are unable to determine exactly whether the man is sane. “Border state, and they are unambiguous conclusion about his sanity or insanity is not given,” said Minina, noting that the man is prepared to in-patient psychiatric examination in the Serbsky Institute in Moscow.

“Interesting detail to tell… to put It mildly, the amazing psyche of the man, even if he is sane. And on a scene, and generally in conducting any investigative actions, the man calls his family his family — with his wife and son. Expressed only “the woman” and “boy.” So it defines those with whom he dealt,” said Minin.

According to her, the accused believes that “it had to happen” and he “did the right thing”. The head of the family also killed a cat, he believes, a “bad animal, the pretender to the corners.” According to investigators, the man had planned the murder of the son, and the couple that was married for 30 years. He bought the apartment itself, made repairs, moved there his mother, gave the debt. As noted by the representative of the investigation, the man didn’t like that the son was exercising in the morning, did not wash hands after eating. In consequence believe that the accused believed that his wife had a son lazy, “inactive dirty”.

According to the UK, the couple were divorce proceedings and litigation on the division of property. The day of the murder was to take place the final hearing.