Air command of Ukraine “South” told about the shooting near Crimea

Воздушное командование Украины "Юг" рассказало о стрельбах в районе Крыма

Ukrainian military claim that the closest point approximation to the airspace of the Crimea during the exercises with the firing practice is not less than 30 kilometers.

“If we consider the sector of shooting, we can see that the closest point of approach to the air space of the Crimea is not less than 30 kilometers, and according to the norms of international law it is quite a large range,” — said the head of the press center of the Air command “South” Vladimir Kryzhanovsky on Thursday morning, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

He stated that “Ukraine does not violate anything and calmly according to the plan, the exercise started, and already they are in full swing, that is, the missiles fly and perform scheduled tasks.”

As reported earlier Thursday by the Minister of transport of Russia Maxim Sokolov, Ukraine has not yet responded to Russia’s position regarding the firing in the airspace near Crimea. He stated that he sent a letter to the President of the International civil aviation organization in connection with plans of Ukraine to conduct firing in the airspace near Crimea.