At VDNKH exhibition opens on the plane

На ВДНХ открывается выставка в самолете

An unusual exhibition in the Yak-42 opens in Moscow, at ENEA. The exhibition will be held from 2 December 2016 to 10 January 2017, RIA Novosti said the organizers.

The multimedia installation “the End time Quartet” connected with the famous work of the French composer of the twentieth century, Olivier Messiaen. This essay was written during the Second world war, when the author was in a concentration camp. The first Quartet was performed on 15 January 1941 the “model” ghetto, Terezin, in front of prisoners of war. The piece has become one of the most poignant thought in the twentieth century on the themes of life and death.

The exhibition at ENEA artist Elena Skripkina and curator Olga Shishko will present audiovisual improvisation on the theme of “Quartet for the end of time”.

“The Yak-42 just like the bird becomes a metaphor of life and death, freedom and captivity – says curator Olga Shishko. Lena Skripkina creates endless visual poem and musical improvisation at the same time, for her sound and music is first and foremost a structure that reveals the relationship between people in society”.

Project “take-off” started at ENEA in may 2016. Its main objective was the opening of new names and support of young professionals in the field of contemporary culture.