Before Christmas in Moscow Cathedral, will perform the music of Bach

До Рождества в московском соборе будет звучать музыка Баха

“Christmas oratorio” by Johann Sebastian Bach and other masterpieces of Western sacred music will be performed on the organ of the Moscow Lutheran Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul during advent — the waiting period of the feast of the Nativity of Christ, informs on Wednesday TV channel “Culture”.

Advent in the Roman Catholic and some Lutheran churches traditionally called the Christmas time in which faithful can prepare for the celebration of the coming of the Savior. It is not considered as a lean period, but believers are encouraged to get to confession and communion, the Church is also especially encouraged the Christians to commit acts of charity.

According to tradition, the four weeks before Christmas each Sunday in homes with candles lit in the spruce “the advent wreath”, and in churches and cathedrals the music. As the channel, in the Cathedral all this time will play on musicians from Germany, Spain, Hungary and Poland.

“Works such as “Christmas oratorio” by Bach or Messiah of Handel, and so forth, usually performed before Christmas. In General, concerts in the Cathedral — this tradition has come from Dietrich Buxtehude, he staged the so-called “music abent” — a musical evening” — said the artistic Director of the festival Oleg Romanenko.

The festival decided to open not only the organ music of Bach, but his motets (polyphonic polyphonic works, which is one of tsenralnoy places in the music of Western European middle ages and the Renaissance). When the composer was serving in Leipzig, St. Thomas Church, every Sunday, sang two motet: one in the morning, the second at the beginning of Vespers. Bach did not bother to create a casual motets, have always written them on special occasions, combining biblical sayings with choral strings.

The parish Church of saints Peter and Paul in Moscow is one of the oldest Lutheran parishes in Russia. The Cathedral is one of the two existing official Lutheran churches in Moscow along with the Church of the Holy Trinity at the Vvedenskoye cemetery. His organ made in 1898, is one of four ecclesiastical bodies in Moscow and one of the oldest institutions in Russia.