Director: question of the return of Dmitrichenko troupe no

Гендиректор Большого театра: речи о возвращении Дмитриченко в труппу нет

Talk about the return of the former artist of the Bolshoi ballet Pavel Dmitrichenko in the troupe of the Bolshoi theater is not, reported to journalists the General Director of the Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin.

Earlier it was reported that Dmitrichenko, released from prison, allowed to engage in a Big theatre, so he can recover form.

“He (Dmitrichenko) asked for the opportunity to engage in the class. The opportunity he was given. But the question of his return to the Bolshoi does not go, because today he is not in the ballet form, which must be the ballet dancer of the Bolshoi theatre. Will he be able to come in this form then they will decide if there are vacant seats,” said urin.

According to the Urine, Dmitrichenko could attend the theatre only on a General basis.

“He’s on a General basis, together with the young graduates of the dance Academy, will qualify for the opportunity to return. But this is tomorrow”, — said the General Director of the Bolshoi theater.

Dmitrichenko had previously been sentenced to 5.5 years in the case of the attack on artistic Director of ballet theater Sergei Filin and released on parole. The attack on Owl happened in Moscow on 17 January 2013: in the face of artistic Director of the ballet splashed acid, with the result that he ended up in the hospital with facial burns of the third degree and burns of eyes. Filin has undergone more than 20 eye surgeries.