In London the “Russian auction” has brought more than 23 million pounds

В Лондоне "Русские торги" принесли более 23 миллионов фунтов стерлингов

The week of “Russian auction” in London was much more successful than the previous similar event, bringing a total of over GBP 23 million.

Triumph Sotheby’s

The undisputed winner of the current auction was the auction house Sotheby’s, which “Russian auction” brought in nearly 14 million pounds and the top lot, as expected, was the work of avant-gardist Alexander Rodchenko “Design No. 95”.

Auction of paintings brought about 12.6 million pounds. Rodchenko’s work was sold for 3.6 million pounds and almost certainly will be the top lot of the auction, but the entire week of “Russian auction” in London.

“Vintage fabric stored in the same hands for 20 years, was established in 1919, when Russia was the world leader of art of modernism. “Design No. 95″ is undoubtedly the most significant work of the artist, put up for auction since the legendary auction of Russian avant-garde and Soviet contemporary art that Sotheby’s held in Moscow in 1988,” he previously told RIA Novosti the head of the Department of Russian art auction house Francis Askwith.

An excellent result in comparison with the estimate showed “the Seventh dimension” by Ilya Chashnik, all estimated at 100-150 thousand pounds, and sold for 2.4 million.

The work of Ivan Aivazovsky’s “the Coast of Yalta” was sold for 489 thousand pounds, with estimeyte 300-500 thousand.

“This is one of the earliest available of the Crimean landscapes,” said Asquith.

The work of Ivan Pohitonova “Hunting quail”, owned at the time of writer Ivan Turgenev, sold 297 thousand pounds, with estimeyte 200-300 thousand.

Auction of works of decorative art brought almost 1.26 million pounds. The top lot of this section was the sculpture of Catherine the great, sold for 162,5 thousand pounds estimeyte 20-30 thousand.


The proceeds of “Russian auction” Christie’s amounted to more than 4.5 million pounds, the top lot, as expected, was the picture of Konstantin Korovin’s “a Forest stream”. The painting, exhibited with an estimated cost of 120-150 thousand pounds, went under the hammer for the 317 thousand.

The works of Vasily Vereshchagin was presented at the auction of several paintings, two of which were created under the impression of the artist of the Holy land. Painting from a private American collection called “the Entrance to the Royal tomb” was estimated at 100-150 thousand pounds, and was sold for 112,5 thousand.

Landscape Ivan Aivazovsky “Grafskaya Wharf, Sevastopol” was sold for 209 thousand pounds in the evaluation of 80-120.

“In the first part of the auction, dedicated to Russian art, was attended by over 200 people from 28 countries. It sold almost 70% of the lots, 60% of which exceeded the pre-auction estimate”, — told RIA Novosti Director of the Department of Russian art Christie’s London Sarah Mansfield.

The top lot in the section of decorative art was rare star of the order of St Catherine, first degree, in due time awarded the Queen consort of Spain, Victoria Battenbergs, sold for 173 thousand pounds estimé at 70-90 thousand. Icon of the Moscow saints Alexis, Peter and Iona, presented to Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich, in 1912, on the occasion of his first official visit to Moscow, was sold for 87,5 thousand pounds. For the same amount was sold and snuffbox with the monogram of Emperor Alexander III of gold, decorated with diamonds.

In total, the auction, which was proposed more than 280 lots were sold, 79% of the lots, told RIA Novosti the representative of the auction house. The above stated assessment, it sold 89% of lots, while 33% of the lots were sold at least twice higher than the preliminary estimate. The auction was attended by 233 client from 32 countries, with 57% of buyers at the auction were private collectors. Buyers from Russia and CIS countries was 49%.


Auction house MacDougall’s, specializing in Russian art, brought 3.7 million pounds.

Top-lot auction was the painting of Ivan Shishkin “Pine forest”, pushed under the hammer for 457 thousand pounds in the evaluation of 350-500 thousand.

The work of Yuri Pimenov “Japanese girl Kyoko”, estimated at 280-400 thousand pounds, sold for 449 thousand pounds.

Among the leaders also includes works by Alexander Deineka, Andrey Mylnikov, Alexander Yakovlev.

“We have seen an active struggle for the lots in a variety of categories, from the nineteenth century to contemporary Russian art. The market this year continues to show signs of recovery,” said RIA Novosti the head of the auction house William McDougall.


“Russian auction” Bonhams brought more than a million pounds of steel and only the top lot of the section of decorative-applied art.

The most expensive lot was a box of firm Khlebnikov early 20th century, sold for 185 thousand pounds.

Among the paintings the most expensive lot was the painting “Bastards” Vladimir Molochkova written in 2015 and pushed under the hammer for 62.5 thousand pounds sterling.

New statue of Liberty Unknown sold for 8.7 million pounds.

“The chamber Sadko” by Nikolai Roerich, written for the scenery for the failed production of Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Sadko” in Covent garden, failed to sell.