In Moscow, rescuers went to school on the territory of which noticed a Fox

В Москве спасатели выехали в школу, на территории которой заметили лису

Rescuers went on the application to the school in the South-East of Moscow, where the alleged on-site runs the Fox, has told RIA Novosti a source in the emergency services of the capital.

“Received information about a Fox on the territory of school No. 1256 at the address: ulitsa polbina, 44. At the request left the rescuers”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

As the school turned out to be a carnivorous mammal, is not specified.

On the sixth of September under the floor of the veranda in the kindergarten № 1757 on River street was discovered a hornet’s nest. According to the capital Glaucus MOE, hornet’s nest was taken out by the staff of PSO-206 in one of the specialized companies in Moscow.

Before that, a similar case was registered in Moscow on July 28. Then the rescuers caught the snake in the Church of the Dormition in Pechatniki. As have informed RIA of news in the Metropolitan Chapter of the Ministry of emergency situations, the snake was removed from the tree and took him to the zoo. It later emerged that the removed reptiles were harmless too.