In the South of Ukraine launched military exercises with missile firing

На юге Украины стартовали учения с ракетными стрельбами

Exercises with missile firing in the South of Ukraine has already started and is in full swing, said head of the press center of the Ukrainian Air command “South” Vladimir Kryzhanovsky, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

According to him, the teachings are the control and flight testing of anti-aircraft controlled medium-range missiles, we are talking about the s-300 missiles.

“Already started, that is, everything goes according to plan, and how it was planned,” said Kryzhanovsky.

“If we consider the sector of shooting, we can see that the closest point of approach to the air space of the Crimea is not less than 30 kilometers, and according to the norms of international law it is quite a large range,” — said the head of the press center of Air command “South”.

Later, the Deputy head of the Russian Mintransa Valery Okulov announced that the zone of Ukrainian exercise does not affect the routes of Russian airlines flying to Crimea.

The Federal air transport Agency said that Kiev in the night of Thursday shifted the area of the shooting to the West from Russia.

“Thus, the new areas are in international waters, territorial waters of Russia are not affected. The zone is the zone of responsibility of Russian managers, however, flight safety is not affected”, — told reporters the representative of the aviation Department.

Source RIA Novosti in the power structures of the Crimea told that the ships of the Russian black sea fleet took up positions off the West coast of the Peninsula. Their task is to provide air defence of the Crimea, said the Agency interlocutor.

“Ship crews are translated to the strengthened mode of service,” — said the source.

The intention to spend 1-2 December rocket fire in the area of the Crimea, the Ukrainian government said at the end of last week, in issuing this notification of hazardous-fly zones over neutral waters of the Black sea and partly over the territorial waters of Russia to the South-West and South-East of Crimea.

As stated in the Federal air transport Agency, Ukraine’s actions violate all international agreements and create a danger to civilian aircraft. Attempts to establish exclusion zones in the sovereign airspace of Russia is unacceptable, stressed the Ministry.

The Russian foreign Ministry called Kiev’s actions a provocation in the calculation of the harsh reaction of Moscow, and the defense Ministry presented the Ukrainian military attache military-diplomatic note of protest.