In Voronezh restored the water supply of dozens of houses after the accident

В Воронеже восстановили водоснабжение десятков жилых домов после аварии

The specialists of “Rosvodokanal of Voronezh” has eliminated the accident and restored the water supply of tens of residential houses with a population of over 6 thousand people, a kindergarten, orphanage and a heat item in the left Bank area of the city, said on Thursday the company.

About damaged water lines along the street of Tsiolkovsky in the left Bank district of Voronezh became known the day on November 30. According to “Rosvodokanal Voronezh”, the accident occurred in a steel conduit with a diameter of 400 mm due to the high deterioration of the pipeline. Was suspended water supply houses on the streets of aviation and Tupolev. According to the representative of the municipality, no water was left 6249 people living in 26 apartment buildings and the private sector. Also in the area off hit a kindergarten, a social shelter for children and heating unit enterprise “Voronezhteploset” which provides hot water in homes.

To remove the crash was planned, according to city hall, to be completed in 18 hours environment, however, progress was found to have severe damage of the pipeline is the crack length over 50 centimeters. The damaged area was, according to the “Rosvodokanal Voronezh”, at a depth of 4 meters under the roadway of the road that “significantly complicated” the elimination of the accident.

The “experts “RVK-Voronezh” has completed repair work on a water line in the street Tsiolkovsky, the house 78. The water supply of residential houses and social facilities of the neighborhood restored today, December 1, in 1 hour 30 minutes”, — stated in the message.

According to “Rosvodokanal Voronezh”, the damage on the pipeline did not affect the heat supply of the district, as a kindergarten and an orphanage for children was informed about the restriction of the water supply and made water reserves.