Internet in the hospital are planning to hold at the expense of the Telecom Fund

Интернет в больницы планируют провести за счет средств телеком-фонда

Funding for the project to provide Internet access to all hospitals and clinics in Russia can be achieved at the expense of means of Fund of universal communication services (UCS), said RIA Novosti Director of the Department of external communications of the Ministry of communications Ekaterina Osadchaya.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly, ordered within the next two years to connect to high speed Internet all the hospitals and polyclinics of the country.

“Funding for the implementation of this task, it is logical to provide at the expense of means of Fund of universal communication services,” said Osadchaya.

Fund UUS is formed by contributions from all Telecom operators in the country at 1.2% of revenue. Every year the Fund is going to about 14 billion rubles. Of Fund is funded by the operation of the public telephones in remote and inaccessible villages, community access points to the Internet (PKD) in settlements with population from 500, and also large-scale government project to eliminate digital inequality, in which it is planned to provide Internet access over 13 thousand settlements with population from 250 people. A single “universal” operator, which is responsible for all these projects, is “Rostelecom”. The company said it was willing to undertake the implementation tasks of the President on the connectedness of hospitals and clinics if it will charge.

However, it should be noted that in the framework of the budget sequestration was reduced and the Fund UUS, despite the fact that by law it can only be spent on the above goal. This year “Rostelecom” has received less from the Fund of 6.9 billion rubles, with that collected from operators was about 14 billion rubles. As previously stated the Minister, in connection with the financing prior to the end of the year will be closed almost all access points to the Internet.