Jimmy-Jimmy, Acha Acha: a new invasion of bollywood

Джими-джими, ача-ача: новое нашествие Болливуда

Pavel Nuts, for RIA Novosti

On Wednesday at once in two dozen Russian cities kicks off Bollywood film festival — the third this month the Indian film festival.

Perhaps, someone still thinks that Indian cinema is hundreds of people in colorful costumes who sing and dance on every occasion. It is not quite true, although without the dancing, of course, is not complete.

We have to admit that over the last two decades of the new Indian cinema we’ve had in the public space, especially when compared with what was happening in the Soviet years. But last week, one of the key domestic distributors, the company “Central partnership”, announced a partnership with the world’s leading distributor of Indian films ErosNow. This means that in the near future is to wait for more modern Indian dubbed movies in cinemas, on television and legitimate Internet.

In the illegal access to the network they have long been among the favorites. Among all kinomanskie thematic communities in social networks, websites and torrents, fans of Indian cinema are distinguished by their multiplicity and devotion.

If all these figures haven’t shown you what it means for a simple movie Indian, go to the festival on “Fan” with the “king of bollywood” Shah Rukh Khan in the title role and will receive two hours of suffering and joys of simple Indian film fans. Nowhere in the world of cinema does not cause such religious worship as in India.

Modern Indian films, as a rule, lasts two hours and is often shown in local theaters with an intermission, during which spectators go for food and drinks. So if you at some point feel that the main character was already everything that only it is possible that he already went all the way emotional experiences from despair to triumph and back, so you are somewhere in the middle of the picture.

The story of one Indian film, such as a three-hour “With the bride” with the same Shah Rukh Khan, would be enough for a dozen chamber of the European AMD. Record breaker is the film “Line of control”, which is 4.5 hours.

Foreigners do not understand all the charm of Indian cinema, though, so it would seem, what can there be to understand?! Fun — dance, it dance. If your shot bounced three villain — well if thirty three is even better! On the way to the final would happen to all the bad that can be, but if you’re a real hero, in the final, definitely, and sing, and dance.

And only the Russian audience it all seems dear and clear, so what we have with Indian cinema, it seems that all the long haul.