Kiev hopes that the shooting in the area of Crimea will be held “in a peaceful way”

Киев надеется, что стрельбы в районе Крыма пройдут "в мирном русле"

The situation on the border with Crimea on Thursday morning calm; border service of Ukraine expects that the exercises with missile firing will take place peacefully, said assistant Chairman of the Department Oleg Slobodyan.

Exercises with missile firing in the South of Ukraine was launched on Thursday, the military conducted a test-flight tests of controlled anti-aircraft medium-range missiles — s-300. The Ukrainian military said that the closest point approximation to the airspace of the Crimea during the exercises with the firing practice is not less than 30 kilometers. Missile exercises in Ukraine did not affect the situation in the Crimea, said the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov.

“If to speak directly about the situation on adminpraise, she is calm and controlled… I hope that everything will happen in the legal field and peaceful way”, – said Slobodyan, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

Earlier, Ukraine decided unilaterally about the conduct of rocket firing on 1 and 2 December in the sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation over the Black sea near the Crimea. In connection with the firing of the air zone over these territories was declared a threat to Kiev flights. Later, the Ukrainian side, without explanation, set a new danger zone over neutral waters of the Black sea and partly over the black sea territorial waters of the Russian Federation to the South-West and South-East of the Crimea Peninsula.

Rosaviatsia noted that Ukraine had not coordinated their actions with the aviation authorities of the Russian Federation and demanded from the Ukrainian side the immediate withdrawal of the notification issued. The Ministry stressed that the flights over the Crimea are in no danger, the airspace over the Peninsula will not be closed, the safety of flights of Russian airlines guaranteed. The defense Ministry in turn stated that they did not intend to abandon plans to conduct exercises with missile firing in the Crimea, as they believe the airspace over the Peninsula to their.

Russian defense Ministry earlier called attache of defense at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation for the delivery of military-diplomatic note. Passed on to it from the document protesting the Russian defense Ministry in connection with the introduction of the Ukrainian side of illegal restrictions on the use of 1 and 2 December 2016 airspace over the Black sea to the West coast of the Crimean Peninsula to “conduct missile firings. It is noted that “the Ukrainian side stated its South-Eastern border of the danger zone are out of bounds of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation, which is a violation of international law and Russian legislation”.

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