Lenin’s statement will be exhibit about the Russian revolution in London

Заявление Ленина станет экспонатом выставки о русской революции в Лондоне

A large exhibition commemorating the centenary of the great October socialist revolution, will take place next year at the British library in London.

“We decided through our exhibition tell about the life of ordinary Russians, who survived an incredible event, the exhibition also tells of the growth of revolutionary movements and the subsequent enormous political and social change,” said Executive Director of the library Role in the Keating presented to journalists the program of the upcoming next year’s exhibitions.

“I am very pleased to announce that one of our exhibits will be a statement by Jacob Richter, better known as Vladimir Ulyanov and Vladimir Lenin, with a request to grant him the right to visit the British library. Statement dated April 1902. Then Lenin on every visit to London visited the British library, he appreciated the library and spoke well of it,” said Keating.

According to senior curator Catherine Rogachev, a library card Lenin, who lived in London under the pseudonym Richter received.

“Initially, the library was denied, because it is not found in the database’ a man named Mitchell, to the recommendation which refers in a letter to Richter. But then he managed to find through the Union, and Richter received the right to use the library books,” she told RIA Novosti.

Unfortunately, said the curators, the library has not been preserved list of books that were ordered by Lenin, although, apparently, it was mostly books on Economics and political science.

Among other exhibits, and all of them will be of the order of 200 – hand-written wall newspaper “Yalta delegate” 1927, which the authors talk about how the educational program helped them learn to read, write, and some even write poems. Poetry can also be seen in the newspaper: “comrade women, let us pray together, hold the book and will learn…”.

“The exhibition will feature posters, posters, weapons, photographs, audio and video recordings – both from our own archives and from other British institutions and private collections”, — said Rogachev.

The exhibition “the Russian revolution: hope, tragedy, myth” can be seen from April 28 to August 29, 2017.

Заявление Ленина станет экспонатом выставки о русской революции в Лондоне
Exhibit about the Russian revolution