Matvienko considers taking care of people is the most important theme in the message of Putin

Матвиенко считает заботу о людях наиболее важной темой в послании Путина

The speaker of Council of Federation Valentina Matvienko considers the most important in the presidential address to the Federal Assembly, the economic component and the message about taking care of the citizens.

She stressed that the President set the task of strengthening social protection of citizens.

“It seemed to me that powerful economic and financial block — this is important, so the message takes into account all of its features… the Fact that the President devoted so much of the economic component, the financial component and expressed the priorities and programme of action in this area is, in my opinion, absolutely correct, because without raising the economy, without improving the quality of our economy, we will never achieve the proper welfare of our citizens,” she told reporters.

The speaker of the Federation Council recalled that the President addresses a message not only to legislators and the Cabinet, but to business, and to simple inhabitants of the country.

“I think that ordinary citizens who see this message will be absolutely clear, what the leadership and the government will do next year. A very strong emphasis on the protection of business, entrepreneurs, the creation of conditions… has Made concrete proposals, what to pay first and foremost attention,” — has concluded Matvienko.

Matvienko also noted that part of the message was on development of civil society, volunteer — “is what unites the citizens.”

The speaker noted with satisfaction that the head of state instructed to create tools for the support of the Russians and their involvement in public life. Very important she called and focus on the activities of non-profit social organizations.