Medvedev expects that. will cope with the tasks

Медведев рассчитывает, что Орешкин справится с поставленными задачами

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev wished to Maxim Oreshkin, who was appointed new Minister of economic development, success in work; the head of the Cabinet of Ministers expects that the new head of the Agency will cope with the tasks.

Earlier Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered the 34-year-old Oreshkin head of Ministry of economic development, and he agreed to take on this position. … Called his main task for the coming year preparation of the key measures that will allow us to remove structural barriers to growth of the Russian economy.

“A few days ago we discussed the possible prospects of the President (Vladimir Putin) decided you were appointed Minister, I wish you success,” — said the Prime Minister at the meeting Oreshkin.

Medvedev hopes that the new Minister “will quickly fit into the team and be able to carry all those big tasks that are assigned currently to the Ministry of economic development”.

The Prime Minister said that on Thursday morning the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov will present. the staff of the Ministry. “After the President’s address to the Federal Assembly I will present to staff of the government, even though you know everything because you worked for a long time in various positions, in contact with colleagues when I was at the Central Bank, and especially when you became the Deputy Finance Ministers”, — said the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.

“I hope that your coming (as Minister) will contribute to the dynamic development of the Ministry and the solution of the tasks entrusted to it,” — addressed the Prime Minister to Oreshkin.

“Thank you very much! I will try!” — the Minister promised.