Myanmar accused of crimes against humanity for the persecution of Muslims

Мьянму обвиняют в преступлениях против человечности за гонения мусульман

Myanmar can be officially accused of crimes against humanity for the oppression of the Rohingya Muslims, stated in the Office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights, reports the Independent.

According to the UN, the army of Myanmar is pursuing a bloody repression in Western Rakhine state that has forced this month thousands of members of the Muslim minority cross the border into Bangladesh in search of salvation. They stated on multiple occasions of rape, torture and murder. In addition, through satellite imagery, was found burned villages of Muslims.

The Myanmar authorities deny all allegations and also filed a protest against the representative of Bangladesh to the UN, who said that against the Muslim Rohingya are ethnic cleansing.

“The government (of Myanmar — ed.) is not able to act on the recommendations made in the report of the UN office for human rights… making probable the recognition of the violations against the Rohingya amount to crimes against humanity”, reads the statement of the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights.

Muslim Rohingya one of the most oppressed peoples on the planet. Throughout their long history the Muslims have suffered from the relentless discrimination that continues to this day. No Rohingya have their citizenship. They have no right to move from place to place, to marry and to find a job without special permissions. Deprived of their basic civil rights, they are condemned to oppressive taxes, black labor and the permanent confiscation of their land.