Patriarch Kirill urged to revive the worship of folk singing

Патриарх Кирилл призвал возродить на богослужениях народное пение

The revival of folk singing at Church services may be one way of churching the Russian people, said the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, speaking at the International Congress for choir conductors and singers of the Russian Orthodox Church.

“Our people can sing, but to build up to the whole of the Liturgy, we put in the people of our boys and girls choristers, and they, along with the people singing. And almost a large part of the Liturgy sung by the people. Here are all those who then visited the temples of the Leningrad theological schools, and was impressed by the singing. So it raises the spirit! I think that the revival of folk singing is one of the ways churching of our people,” — said the Hierarch.

Patriarch Kirill is convinced that participating in the liturgical singing of a man “immersed in a particular element of prayer” and begins to feel part of the parish and community.

“I would very much called for those responsible for Church singing, to revive folk singing. Maybe it should not be 100%, and leave a space for professional singing, which also has a great aesthetic and spiritual influence on the person, but you need to start to expand the space of folk singing in our liturgical practice”, — concluded the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.