Patriarch: refugees from Africa make a big mistake heading to Europe

Патриарх: беженцы из Африки делают большую ошибку, направляясь в Европу

The Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa Theodore II called on Christians and all people of Africa, living in difficult conditions in the North of the continent and ready to go in search of the “easy life” in Europe, to abandon such intentions.

According to him, the area of the Mediterranean sea separating the Crete and mainland Greece from North Africa, now was the “real cemetery for a great number of people.”

“Our people look at Europe and think that there is a new dawn the Paradise, light of life, salvation from all ills. And when they embark on this journey that has no return points, then you know what made the mistake of leaving their homes. I communicate with the locals, we do a lot of talking for a long time. Trying to convey to them that they better stay on their land, because those places where they look with hope, not promise them what they expect,” said the Patriarch in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Last week, the international organization for migration reported that about 4.7 thousands of migrants and refugees died in the Mediterranean in 2016 while trying to reach the shores of Europe.

Patriarch Theodoros II said that trying to explain to people that the land that nurtured them and feed. Trying to reach Europe, many refugees from Africa perish in the way, stated the Patriarch.

The Primate of the Church of Alexandria recognized that after the so-called Arab spring situation in North Africa has changed, but, “nevertheless, people today are trying to adapt to the new realities and begin to live on.” Despite the radical manifestations of the Islamists, the current Egyptian government, said tawadros II, urged Muslims to live in peace with Christians.

“The new President of Egypt, who, fortunately, is a personal friend of mine, just trying to convey to the people that Islam teaches, above all, of love that Muslims should be friendly… Also recently in the Egyptian Parliament published a new law, which was supported by all, that we have the right to recover all destroyed Christian churches where there are numerous communities that need the Church,” — said the Primate.