Putin believes that the OP and the ASI must support the volunteer movement and NGO

Путин считает, что ОП и АСИ должны поддержать волонтерские движения и НКО

The public chamber and the Agency for strategic initiatives should actively support the volunteer movement and nonprofit organization, said on Thursday Russian President Vladimir Putin in a speech to the Federal Assembly.

According to him, today, many students participate in volunteer programs. “They are actively developing in such important fields as the support of elderly people with disabilities, education, sports, culture, local history, search movement, care about nature and animals. A special sign of our time — a broad involvement of citizens in a variety of charity events and appeals in social networks, the mass media, to raise funds for the treatment of patients to help children quickly find a response,” — said the head of state.

He noted that people do it sincerely and unselfishly in response to the dictates of his heart.

“I ask the Public chamber and the Agency for strategic initiatives to focus on supporting the volunteer and charitable movements of non-commercial organizations”, — said Putin.