Putin gave the recipe changes in the structure of the economy, the expert believes

Путин дал рецептуру изменения структуры экономики, считает эксперт

Economic bloc in the message of Russian President Vladimir Putin has been strengthened, the President pointed not only on achievements but also on weaknesses in the Russian economy — in fact, the President gave the recipe changes in the structure of the Russian economy, said the General Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin.

The President of the Russian Federation on Thursday, speaking with a message to the Federal Assembly in the St. George hall of the Kremlin reported that this year’s address, more attention will be paid to the economy, social issues and domestic policy.

“The economic bloc in the presidential address to enhanced, enlarged almost to absolute values,” — said Mukhin RIA Novosti on Thursday.

According to the expert, the President traditionally rested not only on the achievements but also pointed to weaknesses in the Russian economy that need to be addressed, and agencies that it needs to do. “That is, in fact, the President gave the recipe changes in the structure of the Russian economy, it is clear that in writing the message of the President was attended by all the key players, market regulators, and it and fills the message with practical sense,” explained Mukhin.

Arguing about whether the Agency to comply with the orders of the President, the political scientist noted that “the other choice we have.” “We have no other choice, the President said that in the current economic conditions are very difficult: economic and financial crisis, sanctions pressure on Russia – we have no other choice. In fact, we are talking about the mobilization model of the economy that need to develop their own forces,” — said Mukhin.

With regard to the statement of the President that in 2017 Russia may reach the target inflation of 4%, the expert noted that this is an achievable figure and, judging by the trends, the President “has already produced quite a clear trend,” and put in fact the challenge to the Central Bank.

According to Mukhin, the new head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin, who is a member of the team Alexei Kudrin Anton Siluanov, working in this bundle will also demonstrate some success. “Consolidation of separate directions in the economic bloc of the government, of course, is a good base to build some optimistic forecasts,” — said the expert.

Mukhin noted that the financial market, “of course, will be developed,” and Russia will be able to get out of the crisis. “We have been pulling ourselves out of it, and better than some other countries”, — concluded the Agency interlocutor.

In accordance with the Constitution, the President annually addresses the Federal Assembly on the situation in the country and main directions of domestic and foreign policy. This software is a political and legal document that expresses the vision of strategic directions of development of Russia in the near future. It includes political, economic, ideological position and specific proposals for legislative work of both chambers of Parliament.

By tradition, the presidential address present senators, state Duma deputies, government members, heads of the constitutional and Supreme courts, governors, chairmen of legislative assemblies of subjects of Federation, heads of traditional faiths, public figures, including heads of civic chambers of regions, heads of major media.