Putin: Russia in recent years, think not only about how to survive

Путин: Россия в последние годы думала не только о том, как выживать

Russia in recent years, not only thought, from everyday to survive, but also created a development agenda that is now coming to the fore, said Russian President Vladimir Putin

“Overcoming the current difficulties, we have created the basis for further movement forward, continued to work on the development agenda, which is extremely important. We delved into some detail of the current day, not only deal with the problems of survival, we thought about the development agenda and provided for her. And today, this agenda becomes the main, comes to the fore,” said Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Thursday.

“The future of the country depends only on us, from the labor and talent of all our citizens, their responsibilities and their success, and we will achieve our goals, to solve problems of today and tomorrow,” concluded with these words his speech to the President.