SFU scientists has developed sorbents with unique oil capacity

Ученые СФУ разработали сорбенты с уникальной нефтеемкостью

A team of scientists of the Siberian Federal University (SFU) has developed a highly efficient technology for reducing ecological damage from oil pollution, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the University.

Sorbent “Unipolymer”, created on small business “Sebaceous” SFU is not only able to recover the hydrosphere, and soils after environmental disasters, but also has a number of unique properties that distinguish it from Russian and foreign analogues, said the chief technologist Vladimir Melkozerov.

According to him, work on the project is conducted since 2011. During this time the developers have received more than 10 patents, 8 of diplomas of Russian and international exhibitions and other awards.

“In comparison with analogues Krasnoyarsk sorbent has a greater oil capacity – can absorb oil in 70 times its own weight and is thus in 1,5 — 2 times cheaper,” — said Vladimir Melkozerov.

Ученые СФУ разработали сорбенты с уникальной нефтеемкостью
SFU scientists has developed sorbents with unique oil capacity

He stressed that the main advantage of Krasnoyarsk ekosorbent is it as environmentally friendly as possible. It is the way without waste, and after the treatment interventions used absorbent can be formed into fuel briquettes or to use as resinous additives to asphalt mixtures.

“The foam composition of specially selected components is dried and formed into flakes with a size of several centimeters. Next, the sorbents either scattered on the contaminated water surface or entered into the ground. Certain types of sorbents, including foreign, collecting the oil is left in the soil from harmful chemicals. Our modification of the sorbent “Unipolymer-Bio” is organic and decomposes completely within 3-4 months,” — said the chief technologist of the enterprise.

He also said that the sorbent created using nanotechnology based on living microorganisms — bacteria and does not harm the environment. This is the only sorbent that passed international accreditation, entered in the register of Gosstandart of the Russian Federation.

Another one of the advantages of the Krasnoyarsk akogbeto — trudnogoryuchih — allows to use them successfully to the localization of fires and extinguishing the spilled oil, more effective than with the use of modern fire-fighting foam.

Krasnoyarsk ekosorbent has international safety and can be widely applied in all the countries where it takes a hard approach to environmental and fire safety of the material used.

The sorbent developed at SFU, has proved to be very positive, very effective, said the chief of the division of industrial safety of OJSC “Oil” Igor Shcherbakov.

“We used this as a sorbent in the purification of soils and the collection of petroleum products from the surface of the water,” he told RIA Novosti.

Activity of small enterprise, SFU is a good example of import substitution, according to Deputy rector of science and international cooperation SFU Alexei Romanov.

“The technology was developed in Krasnoyarsk, and industrial production is located here. As a University, we can see its task the creation of such businesses, which would be carried out the transfer of our developments, their translation from the laboratory to real industrial production” — he told RIA Novosti.

A team of scientists of the Siberian Federal University began work on a new series of sorbents “Unipolymer”, is able to eliminate the consequences of environmental pollution with oil and oil products in areas of the far North.