The analyst said that will form the basis for the election campaign of Putin

Политолог рассказал, что ляжет в основу предвыборной кампании Путина

A key theme of the campaign of Vladimir Putin in the presidential elections of 2018 will be the modernization of the tax system, the Russian President touched on during his address to the Federal Assembly, said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky.

Putin, speaking on Thursday with the message to the Federal Assembly in the Kremlin, invited to consider ideas for setting up the tax system. The head of state noted what is needed in 2017 to prepare and make all appropriate amendments to the tax code, and from 2019 to enter them into action, registering a new stable rules for business in the long term.

Speaking about the possible accents of the election campaign of Putin, Badovsky noted that “it is enough to mention the tax system, that is exactly the appeal by the President this topic in the next year or two seriously enough to discuss and develop integrated solutions for the modernization of the tax system by 2019”.

“This inevitably sets the focus on the fact that this subject will be one of the key, one from Central, one of the most discussed in the complex with a number of other related issues in the framework of the campaign”, continued the analyst.

According to the expert, “it is certain” that in 2017-2018 discussion and development of solutions in the tax area will become one of the mainstream political and economic agenda. In this regard, says Badovsky, obviously, the topic of tax reform “will be one of the key in the upcoming election campaign,” Putin and “overall questions of economic development”.

The Russian presidential election is scheduled for 2018. Previously, Badovsky noted that a major reason that Putin has not used the opportunity not announced his candidacy for a new term, no.

The approval rating of Putin in November reached to 82.6%, this highest since November 2015 (87%); evaluation of the work of the government increased for the third consecutive month in November and the amount of 60.2%, according to a survey by the all-Russia centre of studying of public opinion (VTSIOM).