The court in Moscow will consider the cassation Google

Суд в Москве рассмотрит кассацию Google

Moscow district arbitration court on Thursday will consider the appeal Google to court decisions of two lower courts, confirming the legitimacy of the conclusions of the Federal Antimonopoly service of the Russian Federation that the company was restricting competition and abuse of dominant position on the Russian market of mobile applications for Android.

The FAS in September 2015, Google has recognized violator of the competition law, seeing in action the company’s abuse of dominant position on the market pre-installed app stores in the Android OS. FAS ordered until 18 December 2015 to eliminate the violations by adjusting contracts with device manufacturers. The case was initiated on the complaint of the company “Yandex”.

Google appealed to the court demanding to recognize the decision and order of the FAS to be invalid, but the arbitration of Moscow in March this statement was rejected, and the court of appeal in August upheld the decision of first instance, after which it entered into force.

At Google, commenting on informed RIA Novosti the appeal, said that “the Android platform encourages competition and lower prices, but also provides great opportunities to users, developers and manufacturers of smartphones”. As noted by the representative, the company Google intends to “demonstrate to the court of cassation, which helps to develop successful and, importantly, sustainable ecosystem”.

In accordance with the instruction of Antimonopoly Department, Google is required to eliminate violations, which the FAS related, including mandatory preset on the mobile devices along with Google Play other apps, as well as a ban on pre-application of other companies. For the violations, the FAS brought the company to administrative responsibility by imposing on it Aug 11, penalty in the amount of 438 million rubles. Google challenged the decision of FAS on the penalty in court, but this statement has not yet been reviewed.

Date of execution of the requirements Google has expired 29 August. The FAS 2 November attracted Google Inc. and Google Ireland Limited to administrative responsibility for violating the regulations and fined each of the companies in 500 thousand roubles. These penalties Google has also challenged in court. In addition, Google Inc. and Google Ireland Limited November 28, filed a lawsuit against the FAS, it is for production not accepted, the object and grounds requirements is not known.