The Federation Council will review the tasks set by the President in his message to FS

Совфед проанализирует задачи, поставленные президентом в послании ФС

The Federation Council will review the tasks set by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, and adopt the plan, told reporters the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.

“I think for all of us formed the programme of action for the next year, and we as the legislature, the Federation Council, of course, carefully analyze the tasks set in the address, we will make your plan for its implementation, legislative support of the tasks sounded, and in the course of the year to work on their implementation”, — she said after the announcement of the message.

Matviyenko said that she was pleased that the President in his address focused on the political agenda. “The message had a pronounced humanist character, the President expressed a number of proposals about how we will emerge from the crisis, in any case, we won’t come at the expense of people, it is not our way,” she said.