The head of the new mufti of the Russian Federation: we want to become the bridge to unite Muslims

Глава нового муфтията РФ: мы хотим стать мостиком для объединения мусульман

In Russia, a fourth clutch on a Federal level — a Spiritual gathering of Muslims of Russia (DSM RF), the principle of which, on the idea of the founders, is built based on the experience of pre-revolutionary “Orenburg Mohammedan Assembly”, which became the first Islamic organization in the country. The head of a new centralized religious organization of the mufti of Moscow Albir Krganov said in an interview with RIA Novosti why, despite many years of ongoing conversations about the creation of a unified Muslim structure was established another clutch as DSM of the Russian Federation will cooperate with other spiritual offices, you will see another mosque. Interviewed By Anton Skripunov.

— The fact that our Muslim organization has long been, say, in search of model enterprises. So we turned to our roots, our traditions. Did not take patterns of foreign structures, and it took the Russian, the ancient structure (“the Orenburg Mohammedan Assembly”, established in 1788, ed.). This is reflected in the title — not “spiritual administration”, and “spiritual Assembly”, which supposes on the part of the Statute softer, liberal approach in building structures. The main principle of Islam, because the Koran says that Muslims solve their issues to the meeting. Today it’s very important to know how each other to listen, to consult and work together to make important decisions.

You know that in Russia there is a large part of the independent spiritual administrations, which is not included in these or other centralized organizations. Therefore, not encroaching on existing religious centres, we decided to combine these authoritative spiritual governance called “a Spiritual gathering of Muslims of Russia”.

— More than ten spiritual administrations to date. We are considering various proposals and will continue to make decisions.

What the mufti have been suggestions, for example?

— Omsk clutch, the clutch Siberian, Kemerovo, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Chuvash and a number of regions of the Volga region. That is quite a serious operation.

– As well as communities in the composition of DSM Russia?

— I think somewhere in the 300. We have not yet considered. We also agreed that the Spiritual administration of Muslims of Dagestan — does not leave the composition of the coordinating center of Muslims of the North Caucasus — will be a partner of our mufti. They have almost three thousand parishes.

No such task — to collect the maximum number of parishes. The main thing — to build correct, socially important, precise work. What’s next — time will tell.

– What are the priorities of the organization?

— First of all, youth work, education. Overall, everything to which we are called Holy Quran. If you talk specifically about what we can do in Russia regarding the execution of decrees of the Almighty, we will try to do in principle the same that I did before, but on a completely different level.

– Whether cooperation with the foreign Islamic organizations?

— Of course. We held in Moscow the international forum “the Role of religion in strengthening cohesion and the development of dialogue between civilizations in the XXI century”, which was presented to Bahrain, Syria, Oman, Morocco, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, CIS. Even from Ukraine there arrived the representative of the Muslim organization. So we are open to dialogue.

– However, it seems that in Russia the dialogue between the Islamic organizations not to the end built. So why Muslims can’t unite? What, in your opinion, is the obstacle to this?

— It is difficult to answer your question. I think different experts have their own point of view on this issue. The main thing — do not divide each other according to the forms of the turban, chapan (caftan Asian — ed.). Do not make dirty linen in public, conduct in a public space some kind of controversy just because of the fact that we can’t sit down and negotiate.

We urge that we should talk, communicate. We are ready for it. We are ready to communicate. But we are waiting for specific proposals, specific model (Association — ed.). This point is very important and it needs to develop.

– DSM of the Russian Federation which model offers?

The model that was before the revolution, and today’s version: by agreement, not necessarily mergers, the development of joint common actions.

I want to say that with respect to all our religious leaders — and to Talgat-Hazrat Tajuddin (head tsdum — ed.) and Ravil-khazrat Gainutdin (head of the DUM of the Russian Federation — ed.) and to other religious leaders. But, nevertheless, for a long time — for 20 years — are these weird squabbles. You need to put an end. We are not calling for the rule of our organization in any way. We just want to become the bridge through which, maybe, with God’s help, will be able to take steps to unite our thoughts.

– You call to unite under the auspices of your organization?

— This task is not necessary.

– And in this case, to build cooperation with other major muftiates?

— The principle of Islam just involves meeting communication when making decisions. Main thing that is not on the papers it was spelled out — I mean, in the statutes — not a bureaucratic basis, and to be a spiritual human understanding. And that we had the same goals to which we aspire. This is very important.

– Activities of religious organizations — a thing still expensive. Where your organization draws funds?

We always live on donations. Never has there been such that the government directly funded, it would be — so you can count people — a kind of intervention. Although the state is helping us all.

– How?

— Those citizens, entrepreneurs, organizations, which in Russia is also in some way represent the state — they help.
In General religious organizations live on donations — our parishes, our mosques. And here we find understanding and support from the Muslims.

The authorities we have, as you know, is separate from religious organizations and have no right to interfere in our internal Affairs. They do not create and do not eliminate the organization if something is broken. This reads the Federal law “On freedom of conscience and religion”.

– Is there any plan at DSM the presence of a clearly defined center in a region? Or in this organizational structure it is not needed at all?

— Why was the decision to elect me leader? We have more worthy colleagues, but due to the fact that I am in Moscow, given the experience, I was asked to lead the organization.

Today we put the question to the Moscow authorities, including as a religious organization DOOM of the city of Moscow and Central region “Moscow Muftiyat” (which also leads Krganov — ed.), the allocation of land. Today the issue of construction of mosques on the territory of New Moscow. It decided on the construction of other traditional religions of Russia, and that the Muslims are waiting for the decision. I hope it will be positive.

We want to build a cultural and educational center with a mosque where could come not only Muslims but all citizens of our country.

– How many parishioners will be calculated in the mosque?

The mosque is small. I think somewhere on one thousand people.

– If the decision is positive, then for how long you plan to build?

— We have a preliminary agreement with a very respected Russian companies, right now I just can’t name them. It is very dear people, which at all on hearing. They are willing to fully Finance the construction of this complex. Are Russian citizens.

– And while “Moscow muftiat” no mosque?

— At the Moscow muftiat is the residence and prayer rooms. A full-fledged mosque, unfortunately, no, and we’re supported by the government pray in Sokolniki. You know, nothing wrong with that. We came in willing churches, our imams work in the conditions that exist today. And the fact that thanks to the support of the city hall we hold events in Sokolniki come more than ten thousand people to prayer – we have shown that, even without the mosque, we were able to organize this work (with the faithful — ed.).

Sixth year, thank God, their conduct. And no comments from the authorities in the organization of events. In other words, there are organizational potential of our work.

We are called “modest by the muftiat”. This name is very good. Very similar to “polite people” or “polite Muftiyat”. Let’s hope that, with God’s help, everything will be fine.