The Ministry of justice said the reason for the refusal to register the Church of Macaroni Patriarchate

Минюст назвал причину отказа в регистрации церкви Макаронного Пастриархата

The justice Ministry refused to register a local religious organization “Moscow Pastafarianskaya organization of the Russian Church Pastafarianskaya Macaroni Patriarchate” due to the inconsistency of the Charter legislation, said in response to the press-service of the Ministry on the request of RIA Novosti.

As the message says, the organization “denied state registration in connection with the discrepancy of the Charter and other presented documents to requirements of legislation of the Russian Federation”.

The Ministry said that the refusal of state registration is not an obstacle for repeated submission of documents for state registration under condition of elimination of the grounds for refusal.

Pastafarianstvo (or the Church of the Flying spaghetti monster) is a parody religion founded by us physicist Bobby Henderson in 2005. The main pastafarians is the principle of creation of the universe the invisible Flying spaghetti monster, and the first pastafarians are considered pirates.

As stated on the organization’s website, Pastafarianskaya Russian Church was created in 2011.