The Ministry of transport plans to introduce road signs for electric vehicle in 2017

Минтранс планирует ввести дорожные знаки для электромобилей в 2017 году

The Ministry expects to introduce a special road signs for electric vehicles in 2017, told RIA Novosti Deputy Minister Nikolay Asaul.

Previously “Izvestia” wrote about the proposal of the Ministry of transport to Supplement road signs with special marks for sustainable transport and electric vehicles. In particular, we are talking about typing “Electric car” as an additional sign, which will be used together with other signs, making combinations from the “Parking for electric vehicles to travel only allowed electric”. In addition, it is proposed to introduce the sign “Filling station with charging for electric vehicles” with the station.

Project coordinator of “Blue buckets” Peter Shkumatov considers the introduction of signs for electric vehicles to be premature, as Russia was now only 800 of these machines.

“This does not mean that it will always be (number of cars). This is the wrong approach that if something is small, then it has no right to life. Now they (electric cars) are relatively few, but due to the fact that there is no legislative base and the same characters with no charges. This is another step to increase the spread of electric vehicles,” said Asaul Agency.

“Yes, next (year) is required to enter. This only applies to road signs”, he added, noting that relevant amendments to the regulatory framework should be adopted in the near future.