The organizers of the Russian film Week in London want to build bridges

Организаторы Недели российского кино в Лондоне хотят "навести мосты"

Participants and organizers of the Russian film Week in London reminded the audience that the cinema is able not only to tell people about core values, but also to perform a practical function: to build bridges between countries and even help sick children.

During starting on Wednesday of the Week cinema run by non-profit initiative by a group of volunteers, with the support of the foreign Ministry, the British Council, the University of “synergy” and the British independent film festival Raindance, will premiere the blockbuster movie “Icebreaker”, the film “Hero” with Dima Bilan in the title role and Russian-Irish painting “Moscow never sleeps”.

Talking about the film “Hero” opens the festival and tells about a love story during the First world war, a popular singer and performer of the main role Bilan admitted that the film was a very personal matter for him.

“For me it’s family history. In the first time we met with the Director and producer of this film by Yuri Vasiliev and Natalia Darashkevich, I knew where I step because my family fully told me the story of my great-grandfather, who was hundreds of Nicholas II, so this story is literally about my family… It was for me very important and exciting process,” said Bilan at the press conference before the opening of the festival.

“And here we are, on a remarkable Week. What we do is very important. Because, despite all the geopolitical beliefs, motives, moods, is really what I believe love, trust, feelings towards people who are close to us are living on this earth”, he concluded.

According to the Executive producer of the Russian film Week Philip Perkon, one of the tasks of the event — not only to acquaint the British with the Russian movies and actors, but also to contribute to “establishing cultural bridges” in a difficult political environment.

Perkon earlier said that 15% of each ticket will go to Gift of Life Foundation, a sister charity organization “gift of life”, which helps children with serious oncological and hematological diseases. Also at the awards ceremony and festival closing will take place a charity auction in favor of the Fund. A fundraiser will also be carried out before the screenings and all the extra activities in the framework of the film week.

“Cancer treatment is the most expensive therapy in the world. But children — real heroes, they are not afraid of difficulties, they are not afraid of pain, they want to live. And so many thanks to the festival for our children will have the opportunity to live and recover. It is noteworthy that culture is not only building bridges between countries, but also doing good,” said the famous actress, co-founder of the Fund “give life” Dina Korzun.

The festival programme includes feature films, animated films for children and adults “Wolves and sheep” and “Kryaknuty vacation”, the film debut of the leader of the group “Mumiy Troll” Ilya Lagutenko in the genre of documentaries and several short films.

In addition, the London master classes directed by Alexei Uchitel, Valery Todorovsky, the founder of Raindance film festival Elliot grove, as well as meetings with famous actors and exhibition of film posters.

The festival takes place in the scope of the bilateral Russian-British year of language and literature. At the end of the festival jury, consisting of representatives of the Russian and British cinema, film critics and journalists, will be awarded the prize “Golden Unicorn” for the winners in various categories.

The Gift of Life Foundation was founded in 2011 to give the opportunity to the Fund “give life” to appeal to philanthropists outside of Russia — as foreigners and natives of Russia, living in the UK and other countries. The Fund has already raised more than 2.4 million pounds to help children with oncological and oncohematological diseases, including the purchase of essential drugs are not available in Russia, and to search for suitable bone marrow donor.