The Prime Minister of Turkey: Ankara’s patience comes to an end, we are not obliged to defend the EU

Премьер Турции: терпению Анкары приходит конец, мы не обязаны защищать ЕС

Turkey is not obliged constantly to defend Europe from regional threats, Ankara’s patience comes to an end, Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim.

“Turkey is the biggest guarantor of European security to the regional threats. If Turkey in the last five or six years did not confront regional threats, Europe would be unable to resist them. But our patience has a limit. We are not obliged continually to protect Europe from threats emanating from the region,” said yıldırım, speaking at a meeting of the Board of the Association of Turkish Industrialists and entrepreneurs in Ankara. It quoted the Anadolu news Agency.

The Turkish government has also noted the increasing manifestations of xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe. “Europe’s growing racist sentiment, right-wing forces strengthen their positions. In 2017 in five European countries after the election. This indicates the presence of uncertainties,” added Yildirim.

Turkey for many years has been negotiating accession to the EU. In March, the EU and Ankara agreed on a joint plan for dealing with the migration crisis. It provides, in particular, the return to Turkey of all illegal immigrants who arrived in Greece from Turkish territory, and the reception by the EU legal migrants-Syrians from Turkey on the principle of “one for one”.

In the framework of these agreements it was assumed that the EU will lift visa restrictions for Turkish citizens, if Turkey would fulfill the remaining requirements of the EU on the abolition of visas. However, at the end of November the European Parliament approved a resolution calling for the freezing of negotiations with Turkey, in response to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened to open the Turkish border with the EU for refugees from the Middle East.

Премьер Турции: терпению Анкары приходит конец, мы не обязаны защищать ЕС