The residents of Okinawa will pay compensation for the noise from the planes to the US military base

Жителям Окинавы выплатят компенсации за шум от самолетов военной базы США

The highest court in Okinawa endorsed the decision made earlier on payment from the Japanese government compensation to local residents for the noise of the planes at the us military base “Futenma” in the city of Ginowan, to the Agency Kyodo.

Yesterday it was reported that the government appealed the court’s decision on compensation, and the locals appealed the amount of compensation, which seemed to them insufficient.

On Thursday the high court of Fukuoka to Naha on Okinawa demanded that the government to pay 2.2 thousand residents of 950 million yen (about 8.3 million).

Previously, the district court nahi acknowledged that the noise of us military aircraft from the airfield in the center of Ginowan disturbs the peace of the people and creates problems for health.

The Central government of Japan achieve the transfer of the military base “Futenma” from Ginowan in a less crowded district in the North of the island of Okinawa. However, local residents and the prefectural government led by Governor Takeshi Unagi opposed to this, insisting on reducing the US military presence in Okinawa in General. They want to base “Futenma” was moved from Ginowan in any other area of Japan.

Okinawa Prefecture is less than 1% of Japanese territory, but it hosts 74% of American military facilities and more than half of all U.S. armed forces in Japan.

According to the prefectural government provided informed RIA Novosti, on Okinawa are 25,8 thousands of American soldiers and 19 thousands of their family members and civilians of the United States.